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Fareham cadets parade for Chief of Air Staff

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Cadets from 1350 (Fareham) Squadron of the Air Training Corps were invited to form a guard of honour at the Swanwick Air Traffic Control Centre during the unveiling ceremony of the new gate guardian aircraft.

In front of many senior personnel from both NATS who own the Centre and the Royal Air Force, the cadets marched on alongside their regular RAF colleagues and lined the entrance pathway leading to the gate guardian, former RAF Harrier XW917, in advance of the official unveiling of the retired aircraft by RAF Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton GCB ADC LLD BSc FRAeS CCMI RAF.

Amongst the dignitaries who passed through the guard of honour were Sir Stephen himself, his wife and the Chief Executive Officer of NATS, Mr Richard Deakin, all of whom stopped and spent time talking to the cadets and commending them on their smartness and turnout.

The ceremony concluded with a salute and march-off by the uniformed personnel to much applause from all in attendance.

Speaking after the event, Air Training Corps Regional Aerospace Officer Squadron Leader Robert Westerberg, himself also an employee of NATS said “the cadet’s performance on the day made me extremely proud. The weather turned unusually warm which gave the added challenge of marching and standing in the heat but the cadets were nothing short of magnificent”. He added “I am grateful to the Swanwick military personnel for considering the cadets for this prestigious event, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and, judging from all the compliments received their efforts were very much appreciated.”