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International Air Cadet Exchange - Belgium

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Our very own Flt Sgt Ingram recently represented the Air Training Corps on a trip to Belgium. This was all part of the International Air Cadet Exchange which saw 50 cadets from across the UK travel to 11 nations across the globe, to interact with their native cadet force. Although unlike the rest of the UK cadets, the two that travelled to Belgium did so with the Belgian Air Force, with the return leg completed aboard their VIP transport.

During the 2 weeks that he spent in Belgium Flt Sgt Ingram travelled around the country with cadets from other nations. They spent time in a variety of cities and received tours that members of the public would not be able to get.

'There were so many amazing activities and experiences, it’s a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life’ commented Flt Sgt Ingram about the trip.

The highlight for him was the 20 minute flight in an Augusta 109, which included low level (10ft) flyovers of small boats in the North Sea off the cost of Oostende.

There was also the tour of the F-16 base which included getting up close and personal with five F-16’s taking-off and the flight simulator used to train the F-16 pilots.

The only negative of the trip was when the coach being used by the group broke down and the replacement didn’t have air conditioning, which in the UK wouldn’t normally have been a problem, it just so happened to be the hottest three days of the trip with the temperatures comfortably in the 30’s. Luckily one of the days was spent kayaking the River Lesse, which saw everyone have a great time and chill off in the cool water.