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New 3822 App announced


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The 3822 App is for those cadets who have smart phones and will serve as a back-up to a cadets list of achievements. The 3822 App is not an official document because it will never replace the F3822a as a document, but it is officially endorsed by Headquarters Air Cadets.

The benefit of this App is, if the F3822A is lost or damaged beyond repair, the App offers one way of getting the information back easily. The 3822 App is an electronic back up of the activities that each cadet has done. There is no personal information kept on the App.

The Air Cadets magazine will be put on the App which provides a medium for the magazine to reach the cadets. This will not replace the paper copy nor the electronic version but is simply another option for cadets. The App automatically updates the newest version of the Air Cadets magazine on the day it is released.

The App is on sale for £2.99.