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Nijmegen 2011

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The 2011 Vierdaagse marks the twelfth year that Hants & IOW Wing has been represented at this international event.

However this was to be one of the teams most challenging years. With injuries and last minute drop-outs in training during the years the team found themselves with two new members from a different Wing on arrival to Nijmegen.

At this stage in the game the team had already completed in excess of 200 miles of training which culminated in a Chinook lift to the Isle of wight with C Flight 18 Sqn RAF Odiham.

Nijmegen, like all the other years, had been prepared for the gruelling task ahead with over 7,000 military personnel from all over the world and a total of 38,422 participants.

Each day leaving Camp Heumensoord the team marched out with the British Military Contingent where 26 miles of road were ahead of them. Returning to the camp after a hard day’s road marching always lifted the spirits because generally the team would be the first Cadet/British team in. This is something the team has always maintained and as the week goes on, as in all the other years, the speed, standards, professionalism and admin never fails.

This was Cadet Corporal Giles second year at Nijmegen ‘This has been the hardest year out of both Nijmegen’s I have done, a credit to the team and I’m glad I had the opportunity to be part of it’ he said.

With another successful year under its belt the team unfortunately have to say goodbye to the Officer in Command. With 13 Nijmegen’s and winning the Best Team award four times, Flt Lt P Terry is to step down as leader for Hampshire and Isle Of Wight Wing Nijmegen team. ‘This is not the end of Nijmegen for Hants and IOW, but for me leading them it is. Over the years I have worked with other Officers, NCO’s and CI’s who in the future will hopefully run this team. I am more than happy to attend in future but in a different capacity’