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Cadets at Gibraltar

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Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wing attended summer camp at RAF Gibraltar in August. Three cadets from 1098 Gosport Sqn and one cadet and one staff member from 2498 Totton Sqn had the best camp ever.

We got to do all the normal things like drill, bowling, swimming, ice skating and section visits. But we also got the sun, sea and sand too. Travelling to RAF Gibraltar was hard. Cadets travelled from all over the country to Luton airport and when we landed most people had been awake for 2 days, so we just unpacked, familiarised ourselves with the camp and hit the beach for the evening.

The first day we caught the bus (luckily public transport in Gibraltar is free), and the cadets went swimming in Europa pool the “Joint Physical Adventurous Training Unit” which consisted of a pool and sun beds, my type of PT! That day we played sports with 2 Overseas (Gibraltar) Sqn cadets. We also visited the dog section.

The next day we walked the Med Steps which was hard work in the heat. The word “steps” is not really accurate, it was more like rock climbing, and it was a great achievement when we got to the top. At the top of the rock we looked at the guns and tunnels and saw the apes for the first time, and one stole some chocolate from a cadet! That evening was bowling in Kings Bastion.

The next day we crossed the border into Spain and went to a water park and the day after did the same to go to a safari park. We were driven around in massive trucks through a valley and saw loads of animals including snakes, buffalo, giraffes, tigers and elephants. That evening we went ice staking.

The next day we visited Gibraltar Sqn, the navy unit, and they showed us their patrol boats and weapons. Then we walked up the rock to the Moorish Castle and to the tunnels and around the rock which is hard work in uniform - hello parade shoes and blisters! Then we got a tour of the tunnels used in the war which are not open to the public. They are 34 miles long and big enough for a 4-ton vehicle to drive around. Very scary and dark but very cool.

The next day we visited the airport and the Air Traffic Control, and up the Cable Car to the top of the rock seeing more Apes and a great view. Back at camp the Bomb Disposal Unit showed off their equipment. We headed back out to Ocean Village and got on a boat and had great fun sailing around the Med dolphin spotting. We couldn’t believe how many dolphins we saw, all jumping in the wakes of other ships, there were 100’s all feeding in the sea.
That night was disco night and time to say goodbye as the next day we had to go home.