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Member of Parliament held up in Aldershot Supermarket!

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Cadets from 413 (Aldershot) Sqn caught their local Member of Parliament, Gerald Howarth, off guard when he went shopping at Tesco supermarket last weekend.

The cadets were carrying out a bag pack at the supermarket to raise funds for the Sqn and the Royal Air Force Association.

Mr Howarth called in with his shopping list but was delayed in his attempt to fill his shopping trolley when he joined the cadets in the fund raising event.

Mr Howarth is the Honorary President of the 413 Sqn Committee. When not attending to those important duties he is Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Defence with the title of Minister for International Security Strategy. Of course we in the ATC know which is the more important of his roles!

The cadets did very well with the fund raising - too well in fact. The procedure to count up the coins and notes collected had to be suspended while fresh supplies of coin bags were sent for. The exact amount of funds raised is being kept strictly secret as it is going towards a competition organised by the Aldershot and Farnborough Branch of the Royal Air Force Association.

The OC of 413 Sqn said, ‘I was very pleased with the cadets that took part in the bag pack. They worked long and hard on one of the hottest days of the year, but they kept smiling and made lots of the customers at the store very happy.’