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Hants & IoW Wing Air Cadets raised the Commonwealth flag on behalf of South West Region Air Cadets at 1000hrs on Monday 9th March 2015, to mark Commonwealth Day.
This unique initiative, building on the highly successful inaugural events last year, which saw over 650 other Commonwealth flags raised in 38 Commonwealth countries
The event held on the 9th of March, celebrated the values of the Commonwealth, reinforcing the close ties between Air Cadets in the UK and Cadets in other Commonwealth countries.
Commonwealth flags were flown by Air Cadets in each of the six regions of the Air Cadet Organisation.
South West Region's event, took place at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Headquarters in Winchester, during which Squadron Leader Graeme Hughes RAF VR(T); Wing Executive Officer read a specially-written Commonwealth Affirmation, before the raising of the Commonwealth Flag at 1000hrs..