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Going Solo!

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Cadet Flight Sergeant Sarah Cameron of 2412(Boron & District) Squadron has become the first Cadet this year to successfully complete the Air Cadet Gliding Scholarship at 622 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) at Trenchard Lines, Upavon.

This course is designed to train cadets in flying and operating the Viking glider, which has no engine and is winch launched by a single cable to over 1000ft.

Each day consisted of theory and practical lessons, weather permitting. When grounded the cadets were treated to field visits to RAF Benson and Middle Wallop Army Base, to learn about the Merlin and Apache Helicopters first hand from the Pilots.

Flt Sgt Cameron was one of the last ones to “GO SOLO” due to the weather and Army manoeuvres on Salisbury plain. But after getting 100% in her theory exam the solo flight was controlled and completed with ease.

Flt Sgt Cameron said: “The week went so quickly and my solo didn’t last long but it was the single most scary and fun experience I have ever had. I would definitely recommend it to every cadet in the Corps as the skills learnt and the friends made are most certainly worth it!”

Flight Lieutenant David-John Morgan, Officer Commanding 2412 (Bordon & District) Squadron said: “The Gliding Scholarship is an exceptional course available to all Air Cadets once they have turned 16 years old. It equips them with skills and experiences that they can take onto their chosen careers in the future."

2412 Sqn meet at Wolfe House, Farnham Road, Bordon every Monday and Thursday at 7.15pm.
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