The Air Cadet Experience

As an Air Training Corps Cadet you are a member of one of the Country's premier youth organisations. But what does it offer you?

The Air Cadet Experience sets out what is available to you. Each year it enables you to have a set of goals for yourself based around the key activities for you to have a go at. What those challenges are will depend upon your age and what stage of your training you are at.

These challenges should go on through your entire ATC career. If you stay until you are aged 18 you should have been able to take part at some level in each area of training. You will leave the Air Training Corps with a wide range of experiences and some useful qualifications and have had a good time doing it.

Are you on target to meet the challenges being offered? Is your Squadron on target to offer you the opportunities?

12+ 13+ 14+ 15+ 16+ 17+ 18+
Cadet syllabus of training Blue wings aviation Training Package L98 GP Rifle Shooting HQAC Sponsered Overseas Camps BTEC in Aviation Studies Junior Leaders Course Air Cadet Pilot Navigation Training Scheme
Cadet H&S Entry Level Award ACO Methods of Instruction Course
Duke of Edinburgh's Award L81A2 Cadet Target Rifle Shooting Glider Training Bronze Wings International Air Cadet Exchange Air Cadet Air Experience Flying Course
Cadet Aviation Familiarisation Course BTEC in Teamwork and Personal Development
Rugby Risk Assessor Course
Heartstart Football BTEC Music H&S Volunteer Tutor
Youth First Aid RIAT Camp Air Cadet Leadership Course Staff Cadet
Radio Comms Air Cadet Pilot Scheme Cadet Warrant Officer
Cyber Briefing Glider Training Silver Wings Adventure Training Instructor Qualifications
Air Rifle Shooting Activity First Aid
Small Bore Shooting Sports Leader Award Range of Adult Courses
UK Camps Elementary Coaching Course
Netball Corps Coaching Course
Hockey LSW Shooting
Cross Country Look at Life Course
Athletics Personal Development Course
Climbing Parachuting Course
Mountain Biking Gold Cyber Award

Cadets are eligible to take part in all activities relevant to their age AND the preceding columns i.e. a 14yr old can take part in the activities within the 12+, 13+ and 14+ activities not just the 14+ column.